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Content Writing

Articles and Blog Posts   WordPress
  We need a content writer for our blog, on a part time basis. He/She should have ability to write fresh, unique, high quality and error free content. Familiarity with WordPress is also non-negotiable.

Flyer Design

Flyers And Posters   Photoshop Editing
  Need high-res flyers for special youth program. Need talented and skilled designer

Plumbing for ongoing construction

Local Jobs   Plumbing
  Plumbing work required for ongoing construction work. Includes installation and repairs.

Social media manager (remote work) for firm

Social Media Marketing   Digital Marketing
  Social media manager needed for remote work. Will be responsible for creating and managing social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Will post engaging content daily and increase users/followers and ultimately convert followers to sales.

Logo Design

Graphics and Designing   Logo Design
  Bespoke logo design needed for a real estate company

Simple wordpress blog

WordPress   Web Programming
  I need you to design a simple wordpress blog. It would have a few plugins and menus... Also would be easy to manage and update content

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